We help companies transform their fragmented HR processes into an integrated HR system

Ditch the spreadsheets and manage your HR processes  with CloudHR,
the most affordable HR solution for small & medium-sized enterprises.

We ensure that users maintain some control over how the technology impacts their HR processes

The need for a Centralized Database

Often, HR staff with specific data needs create their own systems using  spreadsheets. While this might offer a temporary solution, it eventually isolates information from other processes. Fragmented systems lead to duplicate information and repetitive entries as employees working with different data sets attempt to collaborate. When an employee updates his or her database, it leaves other employees in the dark. If users don’t ensure that they’re working off of the most up-to-date version, errors and/or overlap occur. Furthermore, information scattered in several Word and Excel files may easily get lost, misplaced or hard to find as they are not found in one centralized system. Thus, those confidential files can be easily compromised.

Rapid Deployment

Deploy CloudHR immediately even while the reports and other modules are still being customized according to your Company's requirements.

Most Affordable HR System

Say goodbye to pay per user and limited channels. CloudHR offers unlimited number of users, employees, applicants, and jobs right out of the box without any added fees or costs.

Comprehensive HR Solutions

Employee 201 File System, Applicant Tracking, Attendance Management, Payroll, Performance Appraisals, Self-Services, Work-Flow Processes

Our HR Products:

Cloud HR

A cloud-based modularized HRIS with modules for a Comprehensive 201 File System, Attendance System, Payroll System, Performance Appraisal System, Applicant Tracking System, HR Work Flow Systems, employee self-service, online application forms for job applicants, etc.

CloudHR for Agencies

HR system designed for recruitment and placement agencies, including maritime manning agencies. It includes recruitment workflow systems, online application forms, self-service for employers, user-friendly database query/search, automated email notifications, customized reports, etc.

Have a Project in Mind?

“Our project with TeamWeb has definitely been successful. We’ve seen its benefits.”

Beng Wong

Harnwell Corp.

“I’m satisfied with the thoroughness and efficiency of TeamWeb. They deliver on time and within budget.”

HR Manager

Archway Group of Companies

“CloudHR has stream-lined our recruitment procedures. It enables us to easily maintain a searchable database of job applicants. “

HR Manager

ERRX Recruitment Consulting