Ditch the spreadsheets and transform your fragmented HR processes into an integrated system!

CloudHR is one of the most affordable HR solution for small & medium-sized enterprises. CloudHR  comes in two versions: one designed for Recruitment Agencies that deploys Filipino workers overseas, and one designed for Manpower Outsourcing Agencies that provide outsourced services to local companies. When customized, users still maintain some manual control over how the technology impacts their HR processes.
Click here to check the CloudHR demo app.

Brgy the is a cloud-based application software that effectively streamlines the day-to-day activities and transactions of the barangay. The system will allow barangay staff to electronically make and maintain records for each constituent, print various type of certifications and clearances that are uniquely QR coded so as to enable the general public to authenticate all documents issued by the barangay, and maintains blotter file, etc. Click here to check the Brgy demo app

(Note: Barangay is the smallest local administrative division in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village or district.)

Student Portal

  • Perform online seatworks;
  • Take online tests, quizzes, and quarterly exams;
  • Upload /submit assignments online;
  • Read or download lesson materials that were published online by their teachers.

K12 was designed as a computerized tool to supplement face-to-face teaching. It helps the teachers minimize repetitive manual tasks such as checking seatworks, sorting paper assignments, etc.  However, it is also an excellent tool for distance learning or home-schooling in this time of Covid pandemic. Click here to check the K12 demo app.

Teacher Portal

  • Create online seatworks;
  • Create online tests, quizzes, and quarterly exams;
  • Posts assignments online;
  • Posts lesson materials online in any format, such as video file, PDF file, Word file, Excel file, picture file, Powerpoint presentation file, and sound file.


MedAide is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) app.

With MedAide, you can:

  • Add and edit appointments
  • Manage patients
  • View patient history
  • Capture, upload and annotate documents
  • Communicate with staff and patients securely
  • Prescribe medications and order lab tests
  • Create clinical notes
  • Keep track of billing


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