My Services


I create beautiful responsive website for your company.  I uses Wordpress or Wix or raw HTML, CSS, and Javascript as my tools in building your website.

Data Migration

I can help you migrate your legacy data stored in spreadsheets and move them to MySQL databases.

Source Code Audit

I can review the source codes of your PHP applications to ensure that:

  • The source codes adheres to the  standards established by your company.
  • There are adequate input validation controls to prevent common attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, forced page browsing that bypass access controls, etc.
  • The source codes are adequately commented for easy maintainability.

Software Testing

I create test data and assist in the testing phase of  newly created applications before they are deployed in the production environment. The objective of the testing is finding as many software defects as possible; ensure that the software under test is bug free before release. 

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